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 Justin Stephens : Owner JS Custom Interiors

Justin learned the trade from his father when he was thirteen years old.  Justin’s dad had 30 plus years’ experience in automotive interior work.  And as many young teenagers will do, Justin watched and he learned and  he excelled! He worked on anything he could, from seats to stools and  even gym bags, remembering brining a bag he had sewn to class which  outdid his 8th grade Home Economics teachers.

JS Custom Interiors was born in Justin’s garage where his tools  consisted of a bench, sewing machine, an air compressor and a heater to  keep warm on long nights finishing projects for clients. After three  years, Justin took a job at an interior shop during the day while  working in the evenings for his personal clientele at night. And when he  outgrew all of those environments, Justin took the plunge and opened  his own shop which now consists of three employees and himself. Justin  conducts his business with a hands on approach, even to this day. His  commitment to quality and excellence are unparalleled and Justin speaks  to all prospective clients, reviews and sets up budgets and is their  constant point of communication during the entire process. And if you  stop by the shop for a visit, you will most likely see Justin at his  sewing machine working diligently to meet a build deadline.

Justin says “I get to work with some of the best builders in the country  on high end vehicles that really are works of art.” And what does  Stephens find to be the least compelling part of the industry? “The long  hours and deadlines can be tough, be we all know they come with the  territory.”

At the end of the day, it isn’t just about long hours at a sewing  machine meeting client deadlines. Justin is a passionate family man and  recognizes that JS Customs would not exist if it were not for his  beautiful wife and business partner, Shanie. Shanie and Justin have been  married for 17 years and have two incredible sons, Kaden and Karson. “I  have worked on many luxurious and expensive cars, boats, helicopters  and even aircraft, but the only reason I go to work every day is for my  family. And it is the same reason I am so happy to leave the shop each  night.”

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Justin Stephens
Phone -  801-597-6493
Email- justin@jscustominterior.com
144 Hill Ave (4050 S)
Salt Lake City, UT 84107

Dan Leingang: Professional Upholsterer

 Dan Leingang, originally from North Dakota, now living in Utah is an  integral part of JS Custom Interiors. He began his journey working in  his uncle’s shop as a teen and has now been a part of the JS Custom team  since the beginning almost 10 years ago. His time in the industry  combined with hard work and dedication has made him one of the most  skilled upholsterers in the country today. Dans attention to detail is  exactly what JS Custom Interiors relies on to complete project after  project. Dan works long hours and realizes it is just part of the  territory in this industry.

Dan is a car guy himself and enjoys being surrounded by beautiful custom  builds everyday on the job. He himself has a 1970 Chevelle that he has  worked. He is married with 3 daughters and 9 grandchildren.

Dan is proud to be a part of the successful JS Custom Interior crew and  has no intentions of leaving anytime soon. He is proud of the builds he  has been a part of and feels a great sense of accomplishment both  professionally and personally. 

Jack Jensen: Upholsterer

 Jack got his start in the furniture industry locally here in Utah many  years ago. He is an avid car guy and landing at JS Custom Interiors over  10 years ago was the perfect fit for him. He took his skills from the  furniture industry and immediately made the seamless crossover to  automotive interior work.
Jack doesn’t view his work at JS Custom as a normal job, because he is  so passionate about the industry. He just recently built a 1966 Chevy 2  Super Sport and races street bikes in his spare time, so the opportunity  to work every day on incredible hot rods is a pleasure.
Jack is an important part of the strong foundation which keeps JS Custom  Interiors excelling and moving forward in a very competitive industry.  Customers can be confident leaving their projects with JS Custom  Interiors knowing that Jack and the rest of the skilled crew will not  disappoint.
Jack has 4 kids and still considers himself to be a kid at heart. He  will continue to pursue his passions in the custom industry with JS  Custom Interiors professionally and continue to produce award winning  interiors.