Tips for Arrangement Design Kids Room

When the child is older and starts school about five years old. They have been taught to sleep in their own bedroom. Teaching children to sleep in their own room is not easy, because every child would still be afraid when sleeping alone.

The problem is often a constraint in teaching children to be an independent child. However, if mom is very patient in educating children they are not afraid to sleep alone. Then the child will obey. In addition to not afraid to sleep alone, children can also easily obey the advice of his parents.

If it can be advised automatically the child will dare to sleep alone in their room. Now many parents want their children to sleep alone in their room. So they also pay attention to the design of the child’s bedroom so that the child is more comfortable. In addition to endurance children are also indirectly educated to be independent.

Many ways are done to make the child’s room more fun. To be able to attract and be a fun children’s room you can choose many design. You can design and choose a favorite design for children such as favorite cartoon characters, and favorite colors of children. This is so that children do not feel afraid to sleep alone.

Then after the child begins to be comfortable with his new bedroom, then mom can teach children independently. It’s by training children to neatly set up his bed, setting the study table, his playground and his clothes.

However, because they are still small children they cannot tidy up their things neatly. Like toys and books they fall apart because it is not restored in its place. Here are tips in the interior design of the child’s room so that more easily arranged neatly:

1. Locker or small cabinet

The wardrobe and drawers are full of clothes and a lot of book. Mom can add small lockers to place items that are still messy. For example shoes or books and toys. The closed and stacked locker design is an excellent solution. Because the goods stored can be separated and neatly arranged.

2. Pocket door

The doors in the child’s closet can also be used as a convenient storage area. Only by pairing small bags made of cloth. This pocket is useful for storing and putting any object that is owned by the child. Such as hair ribbon, hair tie, small toy, powder, perfume and others.

3. Beautiful glass jar

If a hobby drawing child there must be many collections of crayons, markers, and colored pencils. To keep it neat and regularly place it on a glass jar by placing the color pence and the crayon separately. In addition to aiming to give a colorful look, children can also easily to take it.

4. Shelves

Most of the many who do not yet know the hanging rack. Here the hanging rack is almost the same as the wall hangers. However, the difference hanging shelves can contain more goods. The function of this hanging shelf as a place to store dolls, books, toys or balls.

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