Wall Décor Ideas to Live Up Your Favorite Space

Wall is home’s element that people may be focused with many design to make people envy looking it. The decoration can be the option for your wall space to live up larger than the fact. Some people want to design their favorite space’s wall as well as their personality. Art becomes the optional design that you can choose and express yourself. The wall décorshould live up the space so you can feel more comfortable.

There are many ideas to décor your wall with various design based on your favorite. The artwork design has high rate on any details when you start to décor the wall. The wall decoration can be high aesthetic thing you can feel in a room. Since there are many medias to be the way of expressing art for the reflection of one’s personalities. There are many wall design ideas options to decorate your space that will live up your mood and feeling.

Art Decoration

Do you crazy with art but you have not media to share it with useful advantages? You may try your blank space of the wall in living room to design with your favorite art work. You can put some large art gallery on the wall that is clean and have large free space to stick some large painting. Then, in the small space you can put small collage art in good order to looks great. The artistic mirror can be also the option for you to accomplish the free space close to the large painting.

Simple Antique Items

The next wall décor that you may love is the antique items which looks classic but stylish. If you a antique collector, this is your time to show up your collection to the public. You can mix and match very single antique items so it looks simple in order. The antique collection will you back to the centuries ago if you feel the antique as something different. Try this in your free space and feel the middle centuries back in your house.

Art with Chandeliers

To have chic style, you can try to put some chandeliers on the wall. This can add warm sphere in the room without lost clearance on the vision. The white wall will look gorgeous with this decoration because the combination of color is matched. Furthermore, you need to select the size of chandeliers to fit with the space and avoid too large size which you are afraid of. You may try this decoration on the dining room to add best dim color in any time you want to sit here.

Gold Option

Piece of art can also come from the art frame that you cannot think it would be beautiful in vision. Style your wall by choosing frame with gold color and put it in mix order. No matter what size of the frames, the gold will have good in any mix and match style. The collection of frames will live up the space indicates that you are have high quality of life. Try to look for Italian collection which is matched with any furniture in the wall decor.

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